Genuine Leroy Somer R250 AVR

The Leroy Somer R250 AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is designed to fit LSA37 to LSA47.2 alternators with shunt excitation - Genuine and made in France.

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R250 AVR Leroy Somer - ADVR-250 Compatible Version

The SP Powerworld ADVR-250 Hybrid Analog / Digital Regulator is fully Compatible with the Leroy Somer R250 & R230. It's been designed to work in exactly the same way and operates at the same performance. It's the same size, function, and has the same wiring connections.

Brochure & Manual: http://www.sp-powerworld.com/products/leroy-somer-series-avr/sp-powerwor...

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