Leroy Somer RS237C AVR - Compatible Model

The SP Powerworld EA08A/RS Universal Voltage Regulator is Compatible with discontinued Leroy Somer RS237 C.

Accepted worldwide as the only Quality and Legal aftermarket replacement. It's been designed to work in exactly the same way and operates at the same performance, it also comes with 12 months warranty.

Brochure & Manual: https://www.sp-powerworld.com/products/leroy-somer-series-avr/sp-powerwo...

D510 Digial Voltage Regulator - Leroy Somer - Genuine

D510 Leroy Somer Digital Voltage Regulator - features include 1 or 3 phase sensing, power factor control, reactive power and manual regulation.

New & Boxed - Genuine / made in France.

Ex stock - shipped Worldwide. We can offer pricing in EURO, GBP & USD - please contact us for a full quotation with DHL shipping cost.

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Tel: +44 (0)115 923 2568 (United Kingdom)

Woodward 8290-038 C Engine Governor Controller

The EG3000 Universal Generator Governor / Engine speed Controller is equipped with Smoke Limiting, & Idle Speed. It's suitable for diesel, gas and natural gas engines with Built-in & Non-Built-in PTs Pumps. It's used worldwide as a Compatible Replacement for the Woodward 8290-038 C.

Brochure & Manual: http://sp-powerworld.com/products/electronic-governor/sp-powerworld-eg3000

£150.00 (GBP) Ex stock - shipped Worldwide.