automatic voltage regulator

E000-23410 Newage Stamford AVR / Automatic Voltage Regulator

The SP Powerworld EA341 Compatible Voltage Regulator is accepted worldwide as the only Quality, Legal and Cost effective alternative to using a Genuine Newage Stamford MX341 E000-23410. It's been designed to work in exactly the same way and operates at the same performance. It's the same size, function, and has the same wiring connections.

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SX460 Newage Stamford AVR

The SP Powerworld EA460 is a self excited brushless type genset Automatic Voltage Regulator and is a Compatible Replacement for Newage Stamford - SX460 - E000-24602 - E000-24600 - Onan 305-0982.

Our version has been designed to work in exactly the same way, it’s the same size, function and comes with the same 1 years full warranty. All our Compatible Mecc alte range of AVR are used by many OEM throughout the world as a Legal and Quality cost effective aftermarket replacement.

Ex stock - shipped Worldwide.