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CH4612 / CH4624

Automatic Battery Charger - Panel Mountable

Panel or DIN rail Mount 12V & 24V UL Listed Automatic Battery Charger. Designed to charge GEL, Lead Acid & AGB Batteries automatically under all conditions.

£70.00 (GBP) Ex stock United Kingdom - shipped Worldwide.

We can also offer pricing in USD & EURO, please contact us for a full quotation with DHL shipping cost.

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Tel: +44 (0) 115 923 2568 (United Kingdom)

Tel: (24-hour) +44 (0) 7917611022 (United Kingdom)



  • UL1236 listed Intelligent switch mode battery charger
  • Automatic charging under all conditions
  • Elevated ambient temperature will automatically reduce output power
  • Low battery voltage monitor with solid state battery negative alarm output
  • Charging current and voltage display
  • Short circuit & reverse polarity protections
  • No current drain when input power is off
  • Built-in AC power input micro fuse protection
  • Panel Mount or DIN Rail