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Reactive Factor Compose Module (Universal Droop Module)

Thel EP200 Universal Droop Module (Reactive factor compose module) can be used to parallel generator voltage regulators EA04A, EA04C, EA05A, EA06T, EA460, EA63-2.5 and EA63-2.5S.

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  • Single Phase Reactive Factor Compose 50/60 Hz
  • Low Power Dissipation Max. 1VA
  • Suitable to Two C.T
  • Resin Encapsulation Modularity Without Other Installation
  • Applicable to Variety AVR


Model NO. EP200
C.T Input N:5 or N:1
Power Dissipation Max. 1 VA
Droop Voltage C.T 50% Current 13% (0 P.F)
C.T 100% Current 26% (0 P.F)
Output Impedance 0~200 Ohm
Applicable AVR EA04A/C , EA05A , EA06T , EA460 , EA63-2.5A/C
Environment Operation Temperature : -40~70 °C
Storage Temperature : -65~85 °C
Dimensions 101.0 (L) x 69.0 (W) x 47.0 (H) mm
Weight 255 g ±2%

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