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Digital Temperature Sensor
Exclusive accessory for GCU-2000 Digital Genset PLC Control Unit

TS-01 Digital Temperature Sensor the most accurate temperature sensor available with accuracy -25 °C to 100 °C ±2.0 °C (max.) with exceptional vibration tolerance.


  • Accuracy -25~100 °C ±2.0 °C (Max.)
  • Operating Temperature Range -55~125 °C
  • Display Accuracy 0.5 °C / step
  • ESD Protection 2000V
  • Transmission Distance 30M
  • Waterproof Integral Electrical Connector
  • Exceptional Shake and Vibration Tolerance
  • No Adjustment Needed, 100% Compatibility if New Sensor Replaced
  • Built in Digital Sensor, Excellent Accuracy, More Precise Than the Traditional Thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Sensor
  • Extremely Stable Linearity Output, No need for Adjustment After Installation or Maintenance


Model NO. TS-01
Supply Voltage 3.0~5.5 VDC
Supply Current 1.0 mA
Accuracy -25~100 °C ±2.0 °C (Max.)
Display Accuracy 0.5 °C / Step
Burst Temperature 260 °C (10 sec.)
ESD Protection 2000V
Output Interface SMBus Interface
Thread M16-1.5
Ingress Protection IP65
Operating Temperature -55~125 °C
Dimensions TS-01-2.5 : 2.5M
TS-01-5.0 : 5.0M
Weight TS-01-2.5 : 154 g ±2%
TS-01-5.0 : 249 g ±2%

*Note : All features & specifications subject to change without notice.