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Relay Module for GCU-10 and DSP-10

GCU-11R is a genset controller relay module used to simplify the wiring between the GCU-10 Generator Controller and the Generator, DSP-10 genset multi-function display module and the Generator. It is also compatible with other branding genset control systems. It is available in 12 VDC and 24 VDC battery voltage.



  • GCU-11R - 12V = 12 VDC Input Voltage
  • GCU-11R - 24V = 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • Isolates GCU-10 From Electric Shock
  • Provides Control Signals to Gen-set
  • Simplify wiring procedure between the GCU-10 and generator with male terminals
  • Insulated with UL94V-0 epoxy for use in all kinds of adverse circumstances
  • External High Capacity Relay Applicable
  • Three 35 Amp on-board replaceable relays