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Digital Genset PLC Control Unit

The GCU-2000 is the advanced Digital Genset PLC Control Unit. It delivers full genset warning and protection and equipped with most accurate water temperature and oil pressure sensor available on the market. The design is to be operation friendly with extra large easy to ready LCD display and graphical warning icons. The module requires no addition connection to a PC, all function settings can be programmed directly on the front panel. It's compatible with Deep Sea 5510 and Deep Sea 5620.



  • Micro-Processor Auto Control & Protection
  • Easy to Read Large LCD Display
  • Modularity Design, Easy to Install
  • Provide Accurate Temperature and Oil Pressure Display
  • Provide Full Engine & Generator Alarms Signals shutdowns
  • All Functions Setting Can Be Done Directly On GCU-2000 No Need For PC Connection*1
  • Provide Emergency Stop and Voltage Adjustment On Front Panel
  • Total Of 15 Memorable Event Logs*2
<p class="anno"><span class="red">*1</span> Customized settings are auto-saved into memory and will remain even when power is off.<br/><span class="red">*2</span> Provide gen-set run-in modulate model and manual start and stop functions, when user proceed modulate controller will shut down all protect functions.</p>


Model NO. GCU-2000
Power Input Voltage 9~36 VDC (12V , 24V)
Sensing Input Voltage 15~500 VAC 3 phase 4 wire
Frequency 50~60 Hz
Power Dissipating Max. 7 watt
MPU Signal Input Voltage ±2 ~ ±70 VAC
Frequency Min. 100 Hz , Max. 10 KHz
CT Specifications Burden 2.5 VA
Protection & Alarm Status
  • Engine Start Failure
  • Engine Over Speed
  • Sensor Failure
  • Abnormal AC Voltage
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • Emergency Stop Activated
  • High Engine Temperature
  • MPU Failure
  • Generator Over Load
  • Abnormal Battery Voltage
Large LCD Display
  • Programmable Display with 3 Phase Volts,Amp & Freq.
  • Engine Operation Hours & Battery Voltage Display
  • Can Display Different Unit Of Temperature & Oil Pressure
  • Failure Signal Status By Graphic Display
Environment Operating Temperature : -20~70 °C
Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%
Max. Vibration : 5~25 Hz , ±1.6 mm 25~100 Hz , a=4g
Panel Installation Cut-Out 251.5 x 157.0 ±0.5 mm
Dimensions 290.0 (L) x 166.0 (W) x 70.0 (H) mm
Weight 1341 g ±2%

*Note : All features & specifications subject to change without notice.