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Permanent Magnet Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator

The SP Powerworld EA341 Compatible Automatic Voltage Regulator is a direct replacement for the Original Stamford* MX341 (E000-23412/1P).

Accepted worldwide as the only Quality and Legal aftermarket replacement. It's been designed to work in exactly the same way and operates at the same performance. It’s the same size, function and has the same wiring connections, it also comes with 12 months warranty. The EA341 is also Compatible with the following models:

MX341-2 - E000-23410 - E000-23412 - E000-23412/1P - E000-23015 - E000-23010 - 305-0846 - 350-10400 - Newage AVR Series 3 - 450-11700 - Onan 450-11700 - 305-0846.

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  • Voltage Regulation < ±1%
  • 3 Phase PMG Power Input
  • For Use In Parallel Operation
  • Adjustable EXC TRIP, DIP, TRIM & DROOP Functions
  • Soft Start Voltage Ramping
  • Under Frequency Roll Off Protection
  • UFRO & Over Excitation LED Indicators


Model NO. EA341
Sensing Input Voltage 190~264 VAC 1 phase 2 wire
Frequency 50/60 Hz selectable
Power Input(PMG) Voltage 170~220 VAC 3 phase 3 wire
Current 3A / phase
Frequency 100~120 Hz nominal
Output Voltage Max. 120 VDC
Current Continuous 2.7A, Intermittent 6A for 10 sec.
Resistance Min. 15 Ohm
Voltage Regulation Voltage Build-up Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC
External Volts Adjustment ±10% with 1 K Ohm 1 watt trimmer
Unit Power Dissipation Max. 12 watt
Thermal Drift 0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient
Soft Start Ramp Time 3 sec.
Analogue Input Max. input ±5 VDC
Sensitivity 1V for 5% generator volts
Input Resistance 1 K Ohm
Droop Input Burden 10 Ohm
Max. sensitivity 0.07A for 5% droop (PF=0)
Max. input 0.33A
Under Frequency Protection
(Factory Setting) Set point 95% Hz
Slope 170% down to 30 Hz
Current Limit Input Burden 10 Ohm
Sensitivity Range 0.5~1A
Over Voltage Detector Input Set point 300V
Time delay 1 sec. (fixed)
CB trip coil volts 10~30 VDC / 0.5 Amp
Over Excitation Protection Set point 90 VDC
Time delay 10 sec. (fixed)
Environment Operating Temperature : -40~70 °C
Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C
Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%
Vibration : 3.3G @ 100~2 KHz
AVR Controls Functions VOLT : Voltage Adjustment
STAB : Stability Adjustment
U/F : UFRO Knee point Set
DROOP : Droop Adjustment
TRIM : Analogue Input Adjustment
EXC TRIP : Over Excitation Level Set
DIP : U/V Rate Set
Dimensions 150.0 (L) x 135.0 (W) x 48.0 (H) mm
Weight 394 g ±2%