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Double Throw Type ATS Rated Current 125 Amp

The TCS4P125 (4 Pole) is a brand new 125A modularized design Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). It can be used at 110 Vac or 220 Vac single phase, 3 phase or 3 phase 4 Wire. It's electrically / manually operated and ideal for household and telecommunication cell site use. All plastic parts used on the ATS are made with UL 94V-0 plastic to comply with the highest safety standards. It provides genset remote start signal and a programmable weekly engine exercise timer - Options include one to four weeks with load or without load to ensure the stability of power supply.

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  • Modular design for installation next to switch or on the door
  • Electrically or manually operated, mechanically held contacts
  • Adjustable time delay on neutral
  • Compact size with User-Friendly status LED display
  • Monitor Normal & Emergency Source OV and UV
  • Built-in 1 to 4 weeks with/without load exerciser
  • Made with UL 94V-0 plastic
  • Designed for cell-phone industry or home ATS applications


Model NO. TCS2P125 / TCS3P125 / TCS4P125

TS2P125 Transfer Switch for TCS2P125
TS2P125 Switch

TS3P125 Transfer Switch for TCS3P125
TS3P125 Switch

Rated Voltage 540 VAC
Rated Current 125 Amp
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Transfer Double Throw Type
Operating Current 2.0A @ 220V / 4.0A @ 110V
Poles TCS4P125 : 4P
Rated Short-Time Current 3.0 KA / 1 sec. @ 250 VAC
Short Circuit Peak Value 7.5 KA
Utilization Category AC-33A*
Life > 6000 Times / with Load
Rated Operating Voltage TCS2P125-11 / TCS3P125-11 : 90~140 VAC
TCS2P125-22 / TCS3P125-22 : 180~270 VAC
Class PC
Connection Front

TC-V2 Switch Digital Control Unit for TCS2P125/TCS3P125
TC-V2 Controller

Over Volt Setting 110 to 530 VAC (Adjustable)
Over Volt Reset Below 10 VAC of the OV setting
Under Volt Setting 80 to 470 VAC (Adjustable)
Under Volt Reset Exceed 10 VAC of the UV setting
Adjustable Time Delay TDEN : 0~99 sec.
TDNE : 0~99 sec.
TDEC : 0~99 sec.
TDES : 0~30 sec.
TDOFF : 1~20 sec.
Normal ON Capacity 7A @ 250 VAC Max.
Standby ON Capacity 7A @ 250 VAC Max.
Remote Start Capacity 6A @ 277 VAC / 6A @ 28 VDC Max.
Power Consumption < 1W
Panel Cut-Out 47.0 x 162.0 ±0.5 mm
Operation Temperature -10~70 °C
Storage Temperature -20~80 °C
Humidity Maximum 95%
Physical Specification
Dimensions TS4P125: 167.0 (H) x 138.0 (W) x 83.0 (D) mm
Weight TCS4P125 : 1600g ±2%
*IEC60947-6-1 Utilization Category AC-33A :
  1. Frequent operations.
  2. Motor loads or mixed loads including motors, resistive loads and up to 30% incandescent lamp.