BTS3BE1600 / BTS4BE1600

Transfer Switch MCCB Type 1600 Amp

BTS3BC1600 / BTS4BC1600 1600 Amp 3 pole / 4 pole manual and motor operated MCCB type Basic Transfer Switch. The BTS Complies with IEC60947-6-1 standards and features High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity, OCPD (Over Current Protection Device), AUX (Auxiliary Limit Switch), Bus Bars with UL approved insulation sleeve, Mechanical Interlock, and Plug-in connector for quick and fault free connection to the transformer module or controller.

*Customized BTS Available : Please provide the required specification and specified MCCB type (if there is any), we will evaluate the mechanical capability for customers.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 115 923 2568 (United Kingdom)

                   +44 (0) 1780 753540 

BTS Rated Operating Current & AC Rated Breaking Capacity

BTS Type Pole Rated Current (A)
Ambient Temperature 40°C
AC Rated Breaking Capacity
Sym r.m.s(KA)   IEC 60947-2 Icu/Ics
240V 380V 415V 440V 500V 690V
BTS3BE1600 3P 800 900 1000 1200 1400 1600 125 100 85 85 65 45
BTS4BE1600 4P 800 900 1000 1200 1400 1600 125 100 85 85 65 45

*For special high breaking capacity requirements, please contact us.


  • High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity
  • Incorporate OCPD*1 Design
  • MCCB Has Auxiliary Limit Switch Inside
  • Reliable Motor -- Operated Transfer Mechanism
  • Molded Insulating Manual Handle
  • PVC-Coated Bus Bar > 3KV Insulation
  • With Mechanical Interlock
  • Includes Plug-in Connector, For Simple Hook-up to Controller
  • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 Requirements*2
  • Preassembled reinforced Aluminum Base (See picture on Right)*3
  • *1 OCPD : Over Current Protection Device
  • *2 IEC60947-6-1 Requirements :
    • IEC60947-6-1 Class CB : ATS provided with over current releases and the main contacts of which are capable of making and are intended for breaking short circuit currents.
    • IEC60947-6-1 Utilization Category AC-33A :
      1. Frequent operations.
      2. Motor loads or mixed loads including motors, resistive loads and up to 30% incandescent lamp.
  • *3 The purpose of aluminum base design :
    • To prevent occurrence of eddy current (Foucault current) which reacts with steel board and cause excessive heat.
    • The use of aluminum base plate also greatly reduces product weight.


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