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BTS3BE0225 / BTS4BE0225

Transfer Switch MCCB Type 225 Amp

The BTS3BE0225 / BTS4BE0225 is a 225 Amp 3 pole / 4 pole manual and motor operated MCCB type Basic Transfer Switch. The BTS Complies with IEC60947-6-1 standards and features High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity, OCPD (Over Current Protection Device), AUX (Auxiliary Limit Switch), Bus Bars with UL approved insulation sleeve, Mechanical Interlock, and Plug-in connector for quick and fault free connection to the transformer module or controller.


  • High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity
  • Incorporate OCPD*1 Design
  • MCCB Has Auxiliary Limit Switch Inside
  • Reliable Motor -- Operated Transfer Mechanism
  • Molded Insulating Manual Handle
  • PVC-Coated Bus Bar > 3KV Insulation
  • With Mechanical Interlock
  • Includes Plug-in Connector, For Simple Hook-up to Controller
  • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 Requirements*2
<div class="anno"><ul><li><span class="red">*1</span> <span class="annobtxt">OCPD :</span> Over Current Protection Device</li> <li><span class="red">*2</span> <span class="annobtxt">IEC60947-6-1 Requirements :</span><ul><li><span class="annobtxt">IEC60947-6-1 Class CB :</span> ATS provided with over current releases and the main contacts of which are capable of making and are intended for breaking short circuit currents.</li> <li><span class="annobtxt">IEC60947-6-1 Utilization Category AC-33A :</span><ol><li>Frequent operations.</li> <li>Motor loads or mixed loads including motors, resistive loads and up to 30% incandescent lamp.</li></ol></li></ul></li></ul></div>


BTS Type Pole Rated Current (A)
Ambient Temperature 40°C
AC Rated Breaking Capacity
Sym r.m.s(KA)   IEC 60947-2 Icu/Ics
240V 380V 415V 440V 500V 690V
BTS3BE0225 3P 125 150 175 200 225 25 18 15 15 10 --
BTS4BE0225 4P 125 150 175 200 225 50 35 25 25 22 8

*For special high breaking capacity requirements, please contact us.