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Terminal Lugs

Neutral and Ground Terminal Lugs for Transfer Switches

The neutral and ground terminal aluminum lugs are optional accessories to the Automatic Transfer Switch panel board assembly.


Image Mode NO. Lug mode NO. Wire range (Unit:AWG) Wire range (Unit:mm2) Mechanical Specifications
N-125 Terminal Lugs N-125 CA-110 14-1/0 1.5-50 Dimension
G-125 Terminal Lugs G-125 CA-110 14-1/0 1.5-50 Dimension
N-225 Terminal Lugs N-225 CA-210 6-250MCM 16-120 Dimension
G-225 Terminal Lugs G-225 CA-210 6-250MCM 16-120 Dimension
N-400 Terminal Lugs N-400 PV2-300 6-300MCM 16-185 Dimension