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GCU-4K Genset Control Module with Remote Monitoring & Control

The GCU-4K is an Auto Start Genset Control & Protection system using IOT and cloud technology to provide complete remote monitoring and control of diesel and gas gensets through a mobile phone or tablet computer with the Kutai GenOnCall® app for Android and iOS.

A cell phone or tablet computer connects to the controller through the Kutai server enabling an Operator and Viewers to view real time displays of all engine and alternator parameters, an Event Log and a map display with unit locations. GenOnCall® also receives push-notification of Warnings and Events (Start/Stop).

Remotely start and stop gensets. An Engine Start warning is broadcast onsite before engine cranking to avoid injury to personnel. Standard Engine Start Warnings are offered in multiple languages, as well as allowing a self-recorded voice warning.

GenOnCall® receives notifications from the controller if battery power is removed or theft by lifting. Built-in GPS location tracks the position of all generators in real-time on Google Maps. Perfect for managing rental units at scattered locations. The GC4K-E for electronic engines can display up to 53 CANbus (SAE J1939) parameters.

Internet connection with the Kutai cloud server is achieved through WiFi, dynamic IP (Ethernet) connection, or a 3G/4G mobile router. When connected to the internet a simple procedure is all that is required to access control and monitoring functions.

System parameter settings can be input through the color, touch-screen LCD control panel. Optional KCU- modules are available for RS-485, ModBus RTU and SNMP protocols.

Brochure & User Manual:

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