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E000-24403 AVR

Stamford AS440 (E000-24403) Automatic Voltage Regulator - Genuine and made in the United Kingdom.

£275.00 ex stock United Kingdom.

We also can offer Pricing in EURO & USD - for a full Quotation with DHL shipping cost please contact us:

Sales: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)115 923 2568 (United Kingdom)

Tel: (24-hour) +44 (0)7484709956 (United Kingdom)

Product Description

AS440 is a half wave phase controlled thyristor type AVR and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator. The design employs Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for high integration of features in a small footprint AVR.

Positive voltage build up from residual levels is ensured by the use of efficient semiconductors in the power circuitry of the AVR. The power and voltage sensing circuits have separate terminals, allowing the excitation power to be derived directly from the stator winding for basic applications or from an auxiliary winding if sustained short circuit performance is required.